Project name


Exhibiting artists
Attila Bagi, Dániel Bernáth, Dejan Dukic, Rita Koszorús

Dalma Eszter Kollár

Author of the study
Barnabás Zemlényi-Kovács

Exhibition design, editorial design

Budapest Gallery’s international group exhibition borrows its title from the domain of natural sciences. Microtomy stands for the method of slicing extremely thin sections of nanoscale thickness from a material – whether mineral, animal, plant or human – to be examined under a microscope. The painters represented at the exhibition Microtomy engage in a similar analysis with a focus on the nature of the material. Dissecting painting as a medium into its basic components, they create artworks that subvert the triad of stretcher-canvas-paint. They split the stretcher, slash and sew up the canvas, dissolve or scrape back pigment from the image surface. They reveal traces of the technique of masking, they press paint through the threads of the fabric, or leaving the canvas behind, they paint straight on the wall. 


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