Introduction to the History of Art

Vernissage: 27/02/2018 Tuesday, 6 pm
Venue: PINCE (1122 Budapest, Hajnóczy József Str. 5)
Special thanks to Dalma Eszter Kollár and Heléna Csóka

Exhibition of II/2


‘In 2015 there was a mandatory class called "Introduction to the History of Art" held to the students in their first year. In parallel to this, there was a lecture held which introduced the narrative art history in chronological order. The two courses exam criteria was total opposites of each other. One of them asked for the year, the author of the painting and the title of the piece based on reproduction, the other one asked the students to draw a picture using the painter's name and the title of the painting. With graphite. To prepare for the exam, they handed us an art history book printed in black and white. A logical question comes into a mind of a first-year painter student: How can you learn about the history of painting, when the most important thing, colour, is not present? This gave us the idea to paint Alignment.’

This exhibition is the debut of II/2, the artist duo of Ryu Fukui and Martin Góth.